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A large range of servers

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$ 3.99 /mo

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5.99 /mo

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1.99 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

here are the most frequently asked questions. Read carefully before contacting a support member.

How long before my server is online?
  • Once the payment is received, your server will start installing on the panel.

    It can take between two and ten minutes.

Can I just rent the server for one month?
  • Yes.

    once you no longer need the server, cancel the subscription.

What is the slot limit?
  • There's no slots limitation.

    You can accommodate as many players as the equipment available to you can accommodate.

    The more powerful your server is, the more the number of players will increase.

What hardware will host my server, and where?
  • Our servers are hosted at Hetzner, in Germany (Falkenstein) as well as at Kimsufi (France).

    Our servers have the latest processors to provide you with the best possible experience.

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